to ourspacedallas.com, the online place to meet up and stay informed about what is happening at OUR SPACE, the real place to meet up, connect with yourself and others, and create more of the life you want. 

· OUR SPACE is the result of a vision realized and growing.  Co-founded by Mary Anne Reed and Judith Cannon in 2005, OUR SPACE continues today as a vibrant, beautiful place where clients and therapists alike find nurturing and support. 

· OUR SPACE is a container—a physical place and an image—for connection, collaboration, and creation.

· OUR SPACE expresses our belief in a holistic understanding—mind, body, heart and soul—of individuals, relationships, and communities.

· OUR SPACE is filled with

· Calm, life-giving energy that welcomes all who enter,

· Professionals who have chosen to work in an integrated practice,

· Cutting edge theory, research and praxis.

· Delightful fun and creativity, and

· An atmosphere of spiritual communion.

· OUR SPACE is located at 1409 S Lamar Street, loft #416, in beautiful, historic Southside on Lamar, the old Sears Catalog Distribution Center.

What would you like to create?



Southside on Lamar
1409 S Lamar St #416
Dallas, TX 75215

To contact us:

Phone: 214-428-0322

Fax: 214-421-3740
Email: mareed44@aol.com